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Limited Hosted Exchange Connection Possible

[do action=”noc”]SOLVED – All services are up and running again.[/do] [do action=”noc”]UPDATE: 13:10 most connections have been established again, we are still investigating what caused this incident.[/do]

[do action=”noc”]UPDATE: 12:44 if you still have any problems please contact us or create a ticket at:[/do] [do action=”noc”]UPDATE: 11:37 connections are still restoring between the gateways and the internal servers, we are still investigating on the internal flood.[/do] [do action=”noc”]UPDATE: 11:08 some internal network flood have been detected, we are still investigating what caused this. OWA should be working without any problems, clients will take some time to reconnect.[/do]

Dear Customer,

At the moment there is limited hosted exchange connection possible, we are currently investigating what is causing this.

With kind regards,

Spango NOC

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